The Witcher season 2 starts filming next month

The Witcher season 2 is planned to start production in February 2020, however it appears like the new season is going to Netflix in 2021.

The Witcher is one of the greatest shows in the world at the moment after its premiere on Netflix at the end of last year. After numerous followers all over the world binge-watched the primary season, those fans are questioning when to expect The Witcher season 2 premiere on Netflix.

However, it’s going to be quite a while prior to we see the following 8 episodes of the series, however we heard some information supporters of the Netflix original series will be excited to hear.

The Witcher – Netflix

The Witcher season 2 begins production in February 2020, according to Redanian Intelligence. The official begin day is set up for Monday, Feb. 17, yet as the report notes, these production days are typically moved as things come up the closer they get to the begin of filming.

It’s wonderful that production is beginning this early after the launch of the 1st season. That will, perhaps, reduce the amount of time between seasons, however as mentioned, fans need to prep for a huge gap.

There are so many things that enter into making a big show such as this. There are numerous various places used for production, as well as the tv show likewise uses a lot of CGI, which takes a lot of time to do the right way. Plus, this show has huge action sequences, and that requires choreography, practice sessions, and a lot more effort and time than most followers realize.

At the time of publishing, it appears like The Witcher season 2 will certainly be added to Netflix in 2021. At the earliest, we’ll see the series in the spring of 2021, however I would not be surprised if Netflix saved this show for a summer season or fall launch in 2021. I would certainly like them to promote the tv show at San Diego Comic-Con once more. That was very fun this year!

We’ll let you know extra concerning the production status and launch date of The Witcher season 2 when we find out. Stay tuned for more details!